Sutherlandia OPC

A Health and Wellness Supplement 

Increases immune strength, detoxifies the body and helps fight fatigue.

Amazed to discover that even without changing diet and exercise at all, I have lost 6kg over the past few months. I have less chocolate cravings and feel great :grin:

Barbara W.

One tablet daily is all it takes. You will go through a short detox period. Increased energy levels and long term use of longer than 3 months assist with weight loss. Your body seems to want clean healthy food and naturally this works together to create an all round healthier and more balanced approach. This product definitely assisted me with my weight loss of 24kg.

Nicky - Cape Town

I love the product. I never had any side effects and I can feel that my clothes fit me better. I exercise regularly, eat normally, and am
a lot less fixated on my weight and diet.

Monet T

I had been a consistent weight for many years, until the start of menopause. Suddenly I picked up 4 kgs, and another 6kgs piled on over the next few months. I watched what I ate religiously, and exercised every day, to no avail. The weight would not budge – for years!
I heard about Sutherlandia, and was interested in the product because it’s a very effective immune booster, in addition to being a weight regulator. I have now been taking it for about 6 months, and have lost 6kgs, without any change to my diet or exercise. In addition, I feel really well. I would normally catch a cold or flu during Winter, and I have been completely well throughout Winter.
I highly recommend this supplement for anyone who wants to boost their health and lose weight.

Chantal D-S - (Noordhoek)

I’ve been on “Brand New Me”
for about 4 months, one pill daily. After an initial detox period, I’m
definitely feeling more energetic and have lost 5 kgs, but more specifically I have noticed a definite loss of flabbiness around my waist. The protection
against Cancer is a bonus!

Clair F 

I have been taking Brand New Me Sutherlandia OPC for just over 2 years and I can confidently state that this product has changed my life. Not once have I gone on a diet or exercised and yet my figure has totally transformed. I have shaped in all the right places. I now have muscle tone!! It has been a fundamental game changer for me. From 78kg's and a full size 38 I am now 64kg's and a small size 34. I am more energized, I am more positive. Of course, I have grumpy days, I am still human, but Sutherlandia OPC has 100% changed my life. It is fantastic, it is a miracle tablet. I really stand behind this product and would recommend it for anyone. I honestly believe that it is a gift in a bottle!

Desiree J

From my first order I have only received great service. Easy to order online, was kept up to date by email and delivery is prompt. Product is great, I have energy, I have lost weight without changing a thing in my routine. No special eating plan or exercise routine. I actually had to stop my training due to injury and still lost
the weight. thumbs up!!! 

Simone S

I trusted the product because Desray recommended it & between intermittent fasting & Brand New Me, I am steadily losing weight & starting to feel more energetic. The first month was pretty rough for me because I had serious headaches but I will
not miss my daily dose.


I am 75 and I have been taking Sutherlandia for 9 months. I can’t tell you how fantastic I feel. I had a ruptured colon several years ago and had to have a colostomy bag for two years. I haven’t got the best colon, so the idea of cleaning out my colon appealed to me. Since I’ve been on Sutherlandia I’ve had such energy. I have dropped more than two sizes in the last 9 months which has been an absolute bonus.

Janice D-F (Claremont)