Frequently Asked Questions

How should I take the product?

  • On the label we recommend 2 capsules per day, however, we have found 1 capsule per day has proven to be effective. We advise that, initially at least, you take 1 Sutherlandia OPC at night before bed. The reason for this is that if you are experiencing an initial detox, the effects will be lessened while you sleep. Drinks lots of water while you are taking Sutherlandia, at least 2 liters per day.

Nerium Oleander - Isn't it poisonous?

  • Nerium Oleander is regarded a poisonous plant that is toxic to humans in its raw, unprocessed form. The plant, its leaves, flowers or roots should never be eaten. 
  • Despite being a toxic plant, Oleander has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat a range of conditions. 
  • The Nerium Oleander extract in Brand New Me Sutherlandia OPC goes through a water extraction process that removes toxicity from the plant. 

What will happen when I stop taking the product?

  • Once you start taking Sutherlandia OPC it is quite likely that you wont want to stop altogether. Many customers reduce their intake to 1 capsule every second or third day.

 Are there side effects to taking the product?

  • Some people initially do experience slight detoxifying effects from this product. This includes diarrhea, headaches and slight nausea. Whilst it varies for each person, we have found that starting the product off with 1 capsule per day on an empty stomach with lots of water usually results in lessening the detoxification effects. The detox effects do reduce over time.

I am going through a detox and feel like the diarrhoea won't go away?

  • This can be a symptom in the beginning and for some people lasts longer than others. Sutherlandia OPC is not a laxative and everything will return to normal. We recommend taking 1 capsule every second or third day in the beginning if you are experiencing a harsher detox. The good news is that once you are through the detox you should feel fabulous and full of energy. 

Can I take Sutherlandia OPC if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

  • Pregnant and breast feeding women should not use the mixture due to its anti-angiogenesis effect.

What is your return policy? 

  • If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the product and would like to return it, kindly do so by contacting us at: For a full refund, kindly return the unopened product to Brand New Me in its original packaging.